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Risk Management in Futures Trading with Futures Risk Calculator | Know Risk Management with Futures Contracts with Example in Future Market

futures risk management calculator for future market
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Risk Management in Futures Trading involves using strategies to identify, analyze and mitigate risks due to price fluctuations, leverage & volatility to protect investments and optimize returns. Let’s know about Risk Management with Futures Contracts using Futures Risk Calculator for future market with Example

Risk Management in Futures Trading

Risk management is the most crucial part of the financial world that every investor or trader must consider. Managing the risk is important in every segment, may it be the options or futures. The risk management strategies define the success and failure of the position. Therefore, on this page, we shall explore different tools that can help investors to mitigate the potential risk of their investments and Risk Management in Futures Trading using futures risk management calculator.

Risk Management with Futures Contracts Using Futures Risk Calculator

Let us briefly see what future trading is, so future trading is about speculating the price change of the assets, like commodities, currencies, etc., in a given period. Apart from many benefits, it also has risks attached; thus, taking care of this risk and safeguarding the investments becomes crucial.


The futures Risk Management Calculator is one of the key tools that help investors to access the risk in the future market. This tool allows future traders to identify the potential loss or gain on the position. They need to provide some input to get the correct values. That input includes contract size, desired risk and reward ratio, the current market price, expected closing price, etc. Based on the details provided by the trader and the output received from the Futures Risk Management Calculator, traders can make informed decisions about the Risk Management in Futures Trading

futures risk calculator - risk management using futures example

How to Manage the Risk While Trading Futures ? Risk Management Using Futures Example

Risk Management in Futures Trading, traders need to implement various strategies using futures risk calculator; one best example is applying stop-loss. The stop-loss point in any strategy removes the traders from the position after reaching that point. Traders exit the strategy, or at least do not face any more loss after that point. This is also very useful when the market is moving against your expectations. Just like stop loss helps in limiting the loss. Profit targets allow traders to lock the profit; it prevents the development of greed and decisions made under its influence. When traders implement both of these strategies after conducting the future market analysis, their chances of success will get high. Let us see how to do Risk Management Using Futures Example.




Suppose the future trader is trading in commodities, and he believes, after conducting various analyses, that the price of crude oil will rise after two months. Thus, he considered buying the futures contract with the underlying asset - crude oil at the current market price of ₹1000. To manage the downside risk, he implemented a stop-loss at ₹900. If the price falls below ₹900, his position will be automatically closed. Thus, he can save himself from incurring more loss by implementing various strategies for Risk Management in Futures Trading


Another risk management tool, named the future risk calculator, helps traders to identify the potential risk in the position. It considers inputs such as contract size, margin needed, and price volatility of the underlying asset. By using such excellent tools to identify potential risks, traders can implement better strategies and adjust their position.

Importance of Risk Management in Futures Trading

It would be helpful if you keep a close eye on the market sentiment and movements to achieve success in the futures market. Keeping yourself updated with current market trends, economic and geopolitical, who have the capacity to influence the market is very important in today's hectic life.


This data will help them make a strong and profitable decision. They can also mitigate the overall risk of their position. Staying updated with the authoritative news channel alone can make a big difference.


​Lastly, I would like to say that monitoring the volatile market and keeping yourself updated can help you immensely. With the help of the tools mentioned in the article, Futures Risk Management Calculator and the Futures Risk Calculator can help traders make best decisions for Risk Management in Futures Trading. Staying updated allows traders to avoid losses and also greedy buying/selling. With a robust risk management approach, traders can improve their chances of success in the future market and protect their capital.


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