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VWAP Feature

Annual Subscription

Rs. 4000/-

Including GST

IBT Broadcast

(Live Rates)

Annual Subscription

Rs. 6000/-

Including GST

Mobile App

Monthly Subscription

Rs. 249/-

Including GST

Rs. 2499 - Annual

Reinstall / Re-registration / Machine Change - Per installation Rs. 1,000 will be charged for talkdelta prime exe only*


Annual Subscription

Rs. 6000/-

Including GST

10 Days Free Demo

for new brokers only

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First Time Installation

Rs. 75,000/-


Monthly Rates

Rs. 7,500/-

Upto 25 Users

(Approx Rs. 300/- Per User)


Monthly Rates

Rs. 14,000/-

Upto 50 Users

(Approx Rs. 275/- Per User)


Monthly Rates

Rs. 19,000/-

Upto 75 Users

(Approx Rs. 250/- Per User)


Monthly Rates

Rs. 22,500/-

Upto 100 Users

(Approx Rs. 225/- Per User)


Monthly Rates

Rs. 30,000/-

Upto 150 Users

(Approx Rs. 200/- Per User)


Monthly Rates

Rs. 45,000/-

Upto 300 Users

(Approx Rs. 150/- Per User)

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