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Web RMS tool first time in India

For Brokers, Sub Brokers & Team Leaders

Your Risk Management Information System (RMIS) in stock trading to aggregates the risk data & help decision-makers to evaluate the risk 

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We are proudly delivering our All in one software across the India
Specially designed for brokers. sub brokers, team leaders & traders as per understanding their need
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The last RMS software you will have to use!

Talkoffice is the most reliable Risk Management Software available in India and it is used by most Brokers, Sub-brokers, and Team Leaders having their business operations in greeks and options trading, and arbitrage. You can manage the position risk, M2M risk, Greeks Risk, and VAR Analysis (Scenario Risk) through talk office. It helps your firm to get insights into such trading risks, in exchange-traded derivatives and equity instruments. 

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Fast Performance
Easy to Customize
Data Security
Real-time Calculation
Unique Features
Dedicated Support

RMS + Frontoffice

Real-time Exposure and Margin management have become a critical requirement for all members dealing in Capital, Derivatives and Currency Markets. TalkOffice is directly connected to the Source file (Trade file) and users can view all types of reports necessary for all types of analysis by selecting the respective menu. Due to fluctuations in the market, Margin requirements change rapidly and the same can be monitored through our reports.

Who can benefit?

RMS tool designed for all the brokers and sub-brokers in India having their operations with retail clients as well as pro traders in derivatives. TalkOffice not only provides the reports of past date but also generates the reports for live positions. This way it becomes very easy for traders to analyse their portfolio and manage risk.


All in One!
No need to juggle multiple tools.

Manage your trader's profile, positions, margins and risks at one place. Now, you don't need to look for any other tool to manage your traders as well as retail investors. With role-based login, now every stakeholder can analyse their positions and manage the risk on the web. Interactive dashboard will help you to make inform decisions faster.

अब Portfolio Analysis और Risk Management हो गया है आसान, talkoffice के साथ।

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Key Features of Talkoffice

Reports Generated through Talkoffice


Net Position Report

Understand their Realised M2M, Unrealised M2M and Total M2M


Trade Book Report

Gives you the record of all trades done at one place in detail.


Monthly P&L

Show details monthly calculation of Profit or Loss, Expenses and Interest.


Fund management

For brokers and traders to manage deposit and profit



Shows monthly P&L, Margin, Interest, Deposit, Intraday and expiry M2M.


Interest Calculation

Interest calculation is used to calculate interest applied for users on monthly basis.


Expenses Report

Understand and evaluate the expenses incurred for the trades done by the user.


Scrip Wise RMS

It shows scrip-wise greek data which is used to analyze risk scrip-wise. Data in Scrip wise RMS contains Delta, Theta, Vega and Gamma values.


User wise RMS

It is used for Analysis of risk based on Buy unit, Buy premium, sell unit, and Sell premium, average unit and average premium.


Manual / Switch Entry

This tab is used to manually add trades and switch trades from one users account to another.


Last 50 Trades

Shows the last 50 trades made by the broker. It will help you to find out that the trade files are generating.

Pricing for Brokers of all size in the industry


Monthly Rates

Rs. 7,500/-

        Upto 25 Traders

        Team Leaders Login

        1 Admin Login

(Approx Rs. 300/- Per Trader)

For Single Broker Only

Excluding GST


Monthly Rates

For Single Broker Only

Rs. 14,000/-

         Upto 50 Traders

         Team Leaders Login

         1 Admin Login

(Approx Rs. 275/- Per Trader)

Excluding GST


Monthly Rates

For Single Broker Only

Rs. 19,000/-

         Upto 75 Traders

         Team Leaders Login 

         1 Admin Login

(Approx Rs. 250/- Per Trader)

Excluding GST


Monthly Rates

For Single Broker Only

Rs. 22,500/-

        Upto 100 Traders

        Team Leaders Login

        1 Admin Login

(Approx Rs. 225/- Per Trader)

Excluding GST


For more than 100 Traders

Contact our sales team


+Add On

Integrate Additional Broker

Rs. 10,000/-

+GST per Month

+Add On

Live Feeds from Talkdelta

Rs. 10,000/-

+GST per Month

+Add On

Drop Copy Tool

One time Integration

Rs. 10,000/-

+GST per Month

₹ 2,40,000 + GST

+Add On

Notice Tool

One time Integration

Rs. 10,000/-

+GST per Month

₹ 1,20,000 + GST

Note : First time installation & integration cost is not applicable for your owned tools  

For Retail Brokers

Unlimited Traders

Some Delta Desk  reports will not be available for Retail Brokers

Rs. 4,00,000/-

+GST per Annum

 First time installation charges Rs. 1,00,000/- +GST

  Reinstallation Charges of Talkoffice Rs. 15,000/- +GST

System Requirements for talkoffice

  • Operating System :- Windows 10 Pro

  • RAM :- 48 GB

  • System Type :- 64 Bit

  • Storage :-  SSD (NVMe) - 512GB / HDD - 1TB


Ask for system

Arrangement for talkoffice 


Need more details? Contact us we are here to assist you

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