Net Position देखना हो या Expenses,

Trade Book देखना हो या Fund Management

सब कुछ अब एक ही क्लिक मे।



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अभी डेमो बुक करें

अब Portfolio Analysis और Risk Management हो गया है बहुत आसान Talkoffice के साथ।


Key Features of TalkOffice

M2M values at glance

On screen larger view of values of M2M today and M2M expiry.

Data Filter

Various filters are provided for each column for the ease of user. So that user can view only the information that they want to see.

Screen Timeout

Automatically logout after several minutes of inactivity in order to provide security.

Various Reports

Different types of reports can be

viewed for a specific date/time.

Client Information

Online connected to back-office Database of Broker.  Broker can see and verify client's real-time information & reports from TalkOffice itself. 

Change Password

User can change his/her password from TalkOffice  

Report Export Facility

Users can export/download

all the reports in excel.


table layout

Users can add or remove columns  from the reports layout as per their need and can save this layout. So every time they login they will be able to see the reports in the layout which they have saved and not in the default layout of the software. Users can save as many layouts as possible.

Reports Generated by Talkoffice



This report helps users to understand their Realised M2M, Unrealised M2M and Total M2M. User can see their Net Position Reports Script wise. From the Net position report you can see the details of the following segments: Script, Realised M2M, Unrealised M2M, Total M2M.



This Report gives the user the record of all trades done at one place in detail. From the trade book report user can see the details of the following segments: Username, Usercode, Group Name, ScriptCash, Type, Expdt, Strike, CP, Trade Quantity, Price, Buy/Sell, Trade No., Trade Time, Trade Expenses.

report (2).png


This report helps users to understand and evaluate the expenses incurred for the trades done by the user. From the Expense report you can see the details of the following segments: Username, Group Name, User code, Expenses, Put Lot Charges, Sell Lot Charges, Total Expenses.

report (3).png


This Report helps users to understand and evaluate the margin details. From the Margin report user can see the details of the following segments: User Name Group Name, Span, NetOpt, Total Span, Exposure Margin, Total Margin.

report (1).png


This report gives the values of all the options Greeks and parameters necessory for the analysis of portfolio risks. This information is very useful in deciding strategies. TalkOffice RMS gives the historical data as well as live data. From the RMS report you will get following details: Groupname, Portfolio, Strike, CP, Units, Net price, TH  Price, LTP, LiveIV, Token, Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega, DeltaVal, ThetaVal, GammaVal, VegaVal, Name Id, ExpDt, Days.


Who can benefit
from TalkOffice?

TalkOffice is specially developed and designed for the Broker/admin, team leaders and end users. TalkOffice generates all sorts of live and past date’s reports thereby helping its user to analyse and execute proper strategies. Its customizable report layout makes it flexible and user friendly to use by every type of trader. TalkOffice has eliminated the need of keeping so many records and headache of arranging and calculating them. TalkOffice not only provides the reports of past date but also generates the reports for live positions. This way it becomes very easy for traders to analyse their portfolio and manage risk.

Why Talkoffice?

TalkOffice is a LIVE Delta desk Back-office Software for Broker / Admin, Team leader and end-user. It is directly connected to the main database of the exchange/ H.O. TalkOffice is the first software that understands the needs of brokers and traders. Through TalkOffice users can view all types of reports necessary for all types of analysis by selecting the respective menu. They can get all the necessary reports in one place in a single click. TalkOffice is designed and developed with the utmost intelligence and care to provide a seamless reports experience to the client.