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Cloud RMS & Accounting Platform for your Desk Management 

TalkOffice Prime is a comprehensive cloud RMS & accounting platform that takes care of your desk management. Oversee your traderwise positions, and manage risk to help you to protect gains and manage losses arising from big market swings.

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We combine technology, data and people to deliver highly personalized solutions.

Now, you can manage the positional risk, M2M risk, Greeks Risk, and VAR Analysis (Scenario Risk) through talk office. 

Fast Performance
Easy to Customize
Data Security
Real-time Calculation
Unique Features
Dedicated Support

RMS & Frontoffice Solution for Group Traders

Real-time Exposure and Margin management have become a critical requirement for all members dealing in Capital, Derivatives and Currency Markets. TalkOffice is directly connected to the Source file (Trade file) and users can view all types of reports necessary for all types of analysis by selecting the respective menu. Due to fluctuations in the market, Margin requirements change rapidly and the same can be monitored through our reports.

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A new way to look at your Risk & Positions

RMS tool designed for all the brokers and sub-brokers in India having their operations with retail clients as well as pro traders in derivatives. TalkOffice not only provides the reports of past date but also generates the reports for live positions. This way it becomes very easy for traders to analyse their portfolio and manage risk.

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Key features of talkoffice prime

Pricing for Brokers of all size in the industry

RMS tool designed for all the brokers and sub-brokers in India having their operations.


First time installation charges Rs. 10,000/- +GST

Sprout Cloud

Yearly subscription

For Single Broker Only

Rs. 1,20,000/-

Upto 25 Users

Excluding GST

Sprout Cloud

Monthly subscription

For Single Broker Only

Rs. 25,000/-

Upto 25 Users

Excluding GST

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