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Option Probability Calculator in India | Calculate Options Prices using Option Chain Probability Formula and Make Profit | Book Free Demo Now ! 

option chain probability calculator to gain profit
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The option probability calculator in India helps you identify the chances of your contract making a profit and avoid the loss scenarios. Options profit probability calculator determines the value of an option and calculate options prices with more accuracy. For more details book free demo now!

How Option Probability Calculator Help Traders in Options Trading ?

Many traders in India have a habit of being cautious before making any decision. One such decision they have to make is; will investing in the options be profitable. It is difficult to calculate options prices manually using option probability formula


To know the answer to this question, traders use option probability calculators. This calculator helps them decide whether their trade will turn out profitable or will they lose.

How Options Profit Probability Calculator Works ?

The option chain probability calculator calculates the value of options for a wide range of indices, stocks, and Nifty options listed on the national stock exchange in India based on option probability formula.


This option probability calculator is very helpful when there are a lot of factors affecting the price of the options, such as implied volatility, theta, etc. free demo available to understand this tool for trading in India

How to Use the Free Options Profit Probability Calculator ?

If you search for the option chain probability calculator online for free in India, you will get so many websites providing this tool for free. To get the correct result, traders should know some of the values which are must to use this tool correctly and get accurate results because it’s very tedious task to calculate it manually using option probability formula. If you need access all the features of option probability calculator then you should go for paid version


What do you need?


  • The first thing you require is a style of the contract - American or European

  • The name of the stock

  • Current price of the stock/ underlying asset

  • Strike price you have chosen or wish to choose

  • Time to expire/ duration of the expiry

  • Volatility in percentage

  • Rate of interest

  • Dividend rate (if the stock is dividend-paying)

The above details are a must, and to calculate the probability of the options prices, you will need these details.


In case you do not want to make use of the online free Options Profit Probability Calculator, you may count them manually, too, using the option probability formula, but as we know, sometimes markets experience high fluctuations or high price swings in such scenarios; using the option probability formula becomes very difficult.

free option price probability calculator india

Why should you Use Option Probability Calculator ?

There are various reasons to use the option chain probability calculator as follows:


  • It lets you know whether the option will expire ITM, ATM, or OTM.

  • It helps you identify various market scenarios by changing the input values.

  • You get a rough and hypothetical idea of the contract's performance over time.

  • Please remember, they do not show the actual results as they might get affected by various external factors such as news, politics, government, etc.

  • Option Probability Calculator help you identify how your options contract will behave in a specific market scenario.

  • In India, the option contracts are settled via the cash settlement method. Thus, knowing the profit: loss ratio becomes of utmost importance.

What are the Best Features of the Option Probability Calculator ?

Here are the things you should expect while using the best options profit probability calculator for trading in India


  • The name of your contract or the company must be there on the calculator's site because some companies do not allow using their data on third-party websites.

  • The prices and other information related to that contract must be updated timely.

  • Allows you to download your researched analysis in PDF or any other format.

  • Allows you to make a copy for easy comparison between two market scenarios.


Would you also like to have an option probability calculator to check the likelihood of the profit on your options contract using Option probability formula? Use option chain profit probability calculator to calculate option prices more accurately to gain profit in options trading. Book your free demo today with us


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