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nifty option screener software india
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It is important to choose the best stock to make a handsome profit, and for that, it is also important to choose the best Options Screener India. Know more about the Nifty Options Screener Software for the Indian financial market and book free demo by register from our website

Best Options Screener India | Nifty Stock Option Screener Software NSE | Book Your Free Demo 

What is an Options Screener Tool in India ?


An Option Screener is a specially designed software or tool which helps Indian traders in evaluating all the options and generates a list based on certain passing criteria. Technical traders use the best Nifty Options Screener software in India to gain various data about the Options Greeks, such as alpha, beta, delta, theta, gamma, rho and Vega, etc.

Why use Options Screener India ?

The reason for using the best options screener India is to identify which Indian stock will have more profit potential. The sole reason is profit only; traders want to choose which has the highest profit potential among the ones already making a profit. Some free and paid version of this software available.

What are the Screening Criteria of Option Screener Software India ?

To find out the best stock among the pool of thousands, traders and investors apply some filters on Stock Options Screener NSE India to narrow down the data and choose the best stock for trading. Option Screener Software India, whether free or paid, generally has the below filtering criteria. You may choose any or all of them based on your trading requirement using best options screener India


  • Moneyness (ATM, ITM, OTM)

  • Option price

  • The strike price of the underlying stock

  • Option interest price

  • Option expiry date

  • Volatility (both Historic and implied)

  • Open Interest

  • P/E Ratio

  • The stock exchange (in case you are trading internationally)

  • Intrinsic value

  • Premium (paid or received)

  • The volume of the stock

  • Put and call option contacts ratio

best free options screener software nse

What are the Advantages of Using Best Option Screener Software India ?

  • Saves time and energy : The first reason to use the Stock or Nifty Options Screener is to save time and energy in finding the best options to trade in. As there are thousands of stocks listed on the exchange board and it will be a very tedious job if you go on analyzing them one by one, checking their volatility, historical performance, the fundamental analysis of the company, various necessary ratios, and the current trend of the stock, etc., will eat up all your time, when would you trade? Thus, thanks to the Free Options Screener India available online to save time and energy of going through this long journey.

  • Stock Options Screener NSE eliminates emotional biases : Often, traders get soaked with their emotions and make wrong or unworthy decisions, which may lead to losses. In such a scenario where your emotions control you, the Free Option Screener Software India will be the best companion. Some traders hold a company's stock just because they like one of its products, and they are not concerned about whether or not it has any profit potential.

  • Get a chance to explore hidden opportunities : having such a large database of the companies listed on the exchange, you might not know some companies that are actually very great because you are not aware of those companies and might not invest in them, losing a lot of profit potential. The Options Screener India will help you highlight them to earn high. You will get more features in paid version compare to free version.

  • Helps to store your filtered results : when you have struggled to apply various filters to know the best stock for investing, you would like to store or save those results for future use too. Hence, Best Options Screener India will give you that you might not find this feature in the free versions, but it is definitely there in the paid ones.

  • Get the latest updates : one of the most important features that we believe any trader would look for is the latest and current updates in the market. It is impossible to keep an eye on the events of all the companies listed or even those in your portfolio. Thus you need the best Stock Options Screener NSE to help you to get the latest news and to keep you updated.


Thus, you will now have a clear idea of Option Screener Software India used for screening the best stock to trade. If you are also looking for a stock option or Nifty Options Screener India for the financial market, do let us know by register free from our website.

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