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Talkdelta Prime 2.0 Brings Faster Trading Experience with Accurate Analysis

We introduce Talkdelta Prime 2.0, the latest version of Talkdelta Prime, with a promise of providing you with super-fast trading and accurate data analysis. Talkdelta Prime 2.0 is built with cutting-edge technology that addresses a wide range of option trading needs with a significantly improved performance and impressive looks. Our latest innovation breaks the limits of traditional Talkdelta Prime and delivers real-time data analysis and updates to your screen for making quicker and more profitable decisions.

  1. Real-time NSE and BSE Broadcast: With our latest version of Talkdelta Prime, we offer you real-time broadcasts of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) using a Lease Line.

2.    Easy and Effortless Installation: Talkdelta Prime 2.0 installation is easy, and hassle-free and

gets you up and running for trading in no time. It comes with backward compatibility offering support to previous systems as well.

3.    VAR Analysis: With Value at Risk Analysis integrated into our TalkDelta Prime 2.0, traders can get deeper information about overall portfolio risk, comparisons, potential losses, and more.

4.    Ultra-Fast Trade Uploads: Superfast uploading is now possible with our latest Talkdelta Prime 2.0 which will make your experience much easier and reliable than before. Our platform is built on the latest technology that facilitates super-fast speed and functionality for traders.

5.    Responsive EXE Design for Any Screen Size:  We have built our product with the latest technology that allows you to adjust your screen size without losing any important part of the dashboard. It will help you run different operations smoothly on all screen types (laptops & personal computers) so you don't lose any opportunities.

6.    Simulation: With simulation, you can easily predict potential investment outcomes and make informed and strategic decisions about modifying your position. It will further help you identify stop-loss prices, lock your profits, and avoid potential losses.

7.    Synthetic Futures: With Talkdelta Prime 2.0, you get synthetic futures, which provides information about what the value of weekly futures contracts would be, if they were to exist, by simulating the behavior of traditional futures contracts.

The feature-packed Talkdelta Prime 2.0 is available at just Rs 6,000 (+GST extra) for our valued traders along with 1 Year FREE Subscription of Talkoptions (Web). In the future, you will get multiple new themes like black, lite, and colorful for various customizations.

For any doubts or further explanation, please reach out to us by

email - [email protected] or call +91 9909978783.

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