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Smart Delta Hedging Software Free Download | Smart Trading Software Price in India

know smart trading software price and free demo available
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delta hedging software free download

Talkdelta position analysis software is one of its kind that gives you the accurate value of delta to achieve smart delta hedging. Contact us for FREE Demo

What is a Smart Delta ?


This smart trading software is called the smart delta application because it has all the crucial features that are needed to hedge the position and minimize the losses.


Talkdelta is the new smart delta hedging software as it has various features like VAR analysis, shows accurate values of Delta, Gamma, and Theta of your portfolio, and guides you for hedging. It has a specific indicator that shows you the amount of hedging you need to carry out in order to achieve hedging. Free Demo Available. You can free download from the website.


It is a comprehensive smart tool with a variety of technical and analytical tools. It helps the traders and new beginners to analyze the stock market in-depth and take better decisions in predicting stock by providing them daily live updates and technical and analytical research in the best possible manner

Types of Reports you Get in the Talkdelta Smart Delta Hedging App

  • Profit & Loss Report

  • Interest Report

  • Group Interest Report

  • Margin Report

  • Tradebook Report

  • Risk Report

  • Profit sharing report

smart trading software like smart delta Jainam and prices

About Smart Delta Jainam and Can you Free Download it ?

Jainam Broking Limited has developed software by keeping the needs of their client in mind. This smart delta hedging software gives your five types of hints that are result calendar, pivot, Ratio and Spread calculator, PCR ratio, and IV analysis.


The smart delta Jainam is similar to that of Tlkadelta excluding some advanced features that are included in Talkdleta smart trading Software.


You cannot free download the smart delta Jainam app. You have to pay some price to use the app. If you are already associated with Jainam brokers then you might get a free download option without paying any price for it.  Also, you might have the option to take a free trial. For that, you need to contact the company Jainam Broking Limited

What are the Features of Talkdelta Smart Delta Trading Software and Its Price ?

  •  Complete Solution for Brokers that includes RMS, User Management, and Other Required Reports.

  •  Smart delta hedging software useful for brokers to manage the team leaders and traders.

  •  Brokers can see the monthly reports of the group.

  •  Team leaders can manage the group and traders. All required reports for team leaders and traders are available.

  •  Seamless interface

  •  Hugely Informative

  •  A Strategy for Every Need

  •  Spot the market moments fast

  • Get to Know the Market Pulse

  • Smart Dashboard with Advanced Graphs




The pricing of Talkdleta smart trading software is in alignment with the market with more than 100 features. Free Demo Available.















Following are the price for Taldleta smart delta hedging software:


1. VWAP Feature

Annual Subscription- Rs. 4000/-

 2. IBT Broadcast (Live Rates)

Annual Subscription- Rs. 6000/- (Including GST)

  3. Mobile App

Monthly Subscription- Rs. 249/- (Including GST)

Annual - Rs. 2499

Best Solutions at Best Prices

VWAP Feature

Annual Subscription

Rs. 4000/-

Including GST

IBT Broadcast

(Live Rates)

Annual Subscription

Rs. 6000/-

Including GST

Mobile App

Monthly Subscription

Rs. 249/-

Including GST

Rs. 2499 - Annual

Reinstall / Re-registration / Machine Change - Per installation Rs. 1,000 will be charged for talkdelta prime exe only*


Annual Subscription

Rs. 6000/-

Including GST

10 Days Free Demo

for new brokers only

Why should you have Talkdleta Smart Delta Hedging Software ?

Let's have a look at some amazing and very useful features of Talkdelta and then you will get to know why you should have this smart delta trading system software :

  • Market Snapshot

  • Equity Stock WatchBenefits

  • You can enjoy as a Pro Trader

  • Sauda Summary

  • Utility

For Book Demo, Call us at +91-9909978783 or Email us at [email protected] or

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