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delta trading desk setup

 The Vision 

Teaching share market enthusiasts that with the right trading strategies and a skilled trader can earn consistent income with reduced risk, irrespective of the market conditions.

One point contact for your business setup

Training of Traders

Delta Neutral Basic

Delta Neutral Pro

Delta Neutral Basic

Delta Neutral Pro


Algorithms & Analysis

Algo Trading

Strategical Trading

Customised Algo Strategy


Softwares & Technology

Talkdelta Prime


Smart office

Analysis Tool

Customised Trading Solution


Trading desk Requirements

Hiring & Bonds

RMS Training

Basic Job Training

Monthly Assessment

Doubt Solving


Delta Risk Management 

Specialised Risk Management Software for Trading desk business with training 

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delta trading desk for manage risk in trading

 Talkdelta & Group Companies 

One of the most preferred places in the western region of INDIA for delta desk services.  

delta desk setup

Be prepared with the right business training and domain knowledge

  • Infrastructure Requirements
  • Dealer Training
  • Basic Stock Market Training
  • Delta Training (Hedging Strategies)
  • Risk Manager Training
  • Algo setup training

Business Advisory & Consultancy

We help you right from setting up your business, training of traders, and software requirements along with timely decision making so that you should be aware of the risk and take proper decisions by consultation with our expert 

delta one trading desk
delta neutral trading desk

What does Delta Trading Desk have for Traders?

Having 6000+ traders all across India, Talkdelta's services are getting all the love and support from many traders. Upon the demand and continuous requests from our existing traders, Talkdelta has developed the Delta Trading Desk, where you can easily deal in financial derivatives. With delta desk setup, you can manage risk and take correct decisions in trading.

Delta Trading Desk is part of the equity finance or equity derivatives sector of many investment companies. Using Delta Desk Setup, traders generate more revenue. They apply various strategies to delta one products such as Dividend Trading, Equity Financing and Equity Index Arbitrage.

How does the Delta Neutral Trading Desk will Help Make more Profit?

User friendly and customized platform by TalkDelta

The delta trading desk by Talkdelta is best suitable for freshers and experienced traders.

Get the maximum profit by the delta neutral trading desk.

Trade in various financial assets such as currency, silver, gold futures, options, crypto etc.

With the delta desk setup, you can manage the risk, as our experts monitor it for you.

First, learn and then Earn approach

Get innovative and easy-to-comprehend charts for conducting various analyses on your investment.

It helps you develop strategies.

Get expert advice and consultation from A to Z.


If you are an asset manager


If you hedge funds


If you have an insurance company.


You own your family offices.


If you have accumulated wealth from a foreign country.

Is the Delta One Trading Desk Good for Traders?

Delta Trading Desk is suitable for a wide range of people who want to become Delta Traders. If you are involved in any of the following, then Delta Neutral Trading Desk is best for you,

It will be an added advantage if you are proficient in mathematics, have a financial degree, and have previous knowledge working on derivatives

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A trained force of Delta & Option traders we are contributing to the market every month

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Now it's high time to explore the
business of trading

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