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best platform for algo trading in india
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NSE is encouraging traders to use Auto trading softwares and helping vendors by offering every necessary support like historical data, research tools, coding skills, back testing tools etc. Understand what is automated algo trading platform in India ?

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Why to Choose Algo Trading Platform in India ?


Algo is the short form of Algorithm. It is a process in which stock market trading is undertaken with the help of the best automated algorithmic softwares that uses pre-defined Algorithm based processing. The Algorithm is designed keeping in mind various factors such as the price of the stock, time, volume, historical data, and various types of mathematical and statistical formulas.


By reducing human intervention and emotions in the trade, the automated algo trading platform in India not only offers the chance to profit but simultaneously helps maintain market liquidity and improve the overall structure of the market.


Thus, it is very important to choose the best Algorithmic trading platform India to carry out the transactions on behalf of the traders. There are some features which every Algo trading platform in India must have, and they are as below. If the Algo trading software is lacking in any of the key features, traders may experience a significant loss.

Features of the Best Platform for Algo Trading in India

  • User-friendly

  • Various time frame charts ranging from 1 minute to 3 years.

  • Should have a good amount of historical data to conduct the Historical analysis

  • Advance backtesting tools

  • A higher number of alerts and notifications

  • Ability to trade crypto

  • Fast order execution (Ideal within one second)

  • Integration of BSE and NSE data

  • Cloud storage facility

best automated algorithmic trading platform for traders

How can you Use the Algorithmic Trading Platform India ?

In order to use the Algo trading platform in India, there is a simple stepwise procedure. The steps are as mentioned below:

Conception : This is the stage where you evaluate the market and identify your strategy to gain profit.

Access : In this stage, you are giving basic things to your idea, such as defining various rules like stop-loss and determining the risks and reward ratios.

Building the strategy : You will find many inbuilt algorithmic strategies; you may choose the one that best suits you or may create one on your own based on the values you got above.

Testing : When you have built your strategy, the next step is to test whether it will work as per your desired instructions.

Approval : After testing, the last step is to make minor modifications (if any) and give approval to your strategy. This strategy will be saved on the automated algo trading platform.

What are the Benefits of Using an Algorithmic Trading Platform India ? 

  • As we saw in the above section, Best Algorithmic trading platform India helps design, test and create the best strategies for you.

  • The automated Algo trading platform in India automatically handles the transactions; thus, you can focus only on building strategy.

  • Emotionless and accurate trading

  • Can indulge in high-frequency trades with the best platform for algo trading in India.

  • Your backtesting analysis will bring trust and confidence to your trade.

  • The best platform for algo trading in India helps you analyze and manage multiple positions. 

  • You can never miss any earning opportunity, even in your busiest schedule.

  • Best Algorithmic trading platform helps you in analyzing and optimizing the strategy.


Apart from so many benefits, the automated algo trading platform in India has limitations. Such as lack of order execution, low success ratio, the paid version might be costly; you might require programming or coding skills, etc. But, keeping aside the limitations, focusing on how best you can utilize the automated algo trading platform for algorithmic trading will increase the chances of winning up to 65%.


To get a free demo of the best platform for algo trading in India, call us now 9909978783 or send an email [email protected]

For Book Demo, Call us at +91-9909978783 or Email us at [email protected]

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