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Arbitrage in Options Trading | Build Arbitrage Strategy in Options | Know Options Arbitrage Opportunities and Strategies in Nifty and Bank Nifty 

arbitrage opportunities in options trading
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Arbitrage is the oldest form of making money with zero risk. Learn to identify various arbitrage opportunities and strategies to use in options and Nifty trading. Get detail information about arbitrage in options trading and build Arbitrage Strategies for trading

Know about Arbitrage in Options Trading and Various Arbitrage Strategies

As we know, arbitrage is a strategy to benefit from the price difference of the same underlying asset in two markets. In simple terms, buying the stock from one market at a low cost and selling it in the other market at a higher price and earning from the difference amount. Know about arbitrage in options trading using Talkdelta software

What is Arbitrage in Options ?

Arbitrage in options is buying and selling the options and gaining the benefits of mispriced options via either premium or selling them. While doing Arbitrage in Options Trading, the risk is very low, or zero, and the profit is also low.


Arbitrage in Options Trading can be seen in the options for two main reasons; one between two options and the second between the option contract and the price of the underlying asset. When there is a difference between two options prices and traders try to find arbitrage opportunities here, it is called the Put-call Parity.


You might find it very easy to read what arbitrage is and how to generate profit from it, but remember, it's not as easy as it appears. These types of arbitrage opportunities very rarely occur and are tough to grab.


Big financial institutes having sophisticated software spot these arbitrage opportunities and grab Arbitrage Opportunities in Options before any other retailer could even spot it and thinks to trade. Thus, it is very hard to earn from the Arbitrage in Options trading without high-end computer systems and sophisticated software.


Arbitrage Strategy in Options Trading in India

Though having the tiniest chances of getting profit from the arbitrage strategy, there are a few strategies if you want to try or want to know about them. There are also Options Arbitrage Strategies in Nifty if you are dealing with them.

  • Put call parity arbitrage opportunities

  • Strike arbitrage

  • Conversion and reversal arbitrage in options trading

  • Box spread


  1. Put-call parity options arbitrage strategy : This strategy was first founded by Hans Stoll, and he mentioned it in a paper in 1969. It says that the underlying asset should have a static price relationship by considering the underlying asset's spot price, strike price and expiry.

  2. Strike Arbitrage Strategy in Options : In this strategy, profit is guaranteed. When you see a variation between two options contracts of the same underlying asset and having the same expiry date but different strike prices, traders can use this strategy when the difference between the strike prices is lower than the difference between their extrinsic values.

  3. Conversion and reversal arbitrage : To use this Arbitrage opportunities in Options, you must be aware of synthetic positions in the options, wherein you create a new position by combining the option contracts and stocks.

  4. Box spread Arbitrage Strategy in Options : This is the most complicated option strategy, as it involves four transactions, and even if you have the potential to profit, all will be get eaten up by entering into four transactions (their commission, fees, brokerage charges, etc.

Options Arbitrage Strategies in Nifty

If you are dealing with the Nifty options, then box spread would be the best arbitrage options strategies for earning. Options Arbitrage Strategies in Nifty.


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