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TalkDelta Prime 2.0 Installation Guide: Quick and Easy

Get ready to experience Talkdelta Prime like never before! We're thrilled to announce the launch of Talkdelta Prime 2.0, a brand-new EXE built with cutting-edge C# technology. This exciting upgrade takes a giant leap forward from our previous Visual Basic (VB) version, bringing you a host of improvements:

  • Lightning-Fast Uploads: Say goodbye to sluggish trade file uploads! Talkdelta Prime 2.0 utilizes the power of C# for significantly faster processing, streamlining your workflow.

  • Universal Windows Compatibility: No more compatibility worries! Talkdelta Prime 2.0 seamlessly runs on all popular Windows operating systems, from Windows 7 all the way up to Windows 11.

  • Embrace the Modern Look: We've introduced multiple themes to personalize your Talkdelta Prime experience. Choose the theme that best suits your style and preferences.

This blog will guide you through the simple installation process of Talkdelta Prime 2.0. Get ready to unlock a faster, more versatile, and visually appealing trading experience!

1. Download Talkdelta installer from below mentioned link:

2. Right click on the downloaded file and extract it.

3. Right click on the installer after extraction and click on ‘Run as Administrator’.\

4. Browse and select the location (try to avoid installation using C – drive, as it will need administrator rights).

5. Select create desktop shortcut checkbox

6. Click On Install Button

7. Wait until Installation is completed

8. Click On ‘I Agree’ button

9. Select ‘Install Npcap in WinPcap API – Compatible Mode’ and click on install button

10. Once Installation completed click on ‘Next Button’

11. Click on Finish Button

12. Restoring latest database changes

13. If you select yes, restart the computer now it will immediately restart the machine, and if you select No I, will restart computer later it will restart the machined later, select one of the options and click on finish.

14. If you have selected Import existing Talkdelta data, the database of previously installed talk delta is imported, and if launch Talkdelta is selected it will launch Talkdelta.

If we click on Import existing Talkdelta data following screens will appear from where user can import old Talkdelta data to Talkdelta Prime 2.0

Step 1 : Click on browse button and select Delta.mdb

Step 2: click on Transfer data.

Step 3: once the data transfer is done, below pop up will appear. Click on OK button.

If you click on Launch Talkdelta Prime, exe will get started.

15. Once the exe started, a pop up to upload contract and security will be shown, click on yes button.

16. First click on download for latest contract and security file, then upload contract and security file and lastly map the tokens by clicking on map, Once done close the window.

17. With reference to point no 14, if user wishes to import old data later on after installation he can follow the below mention steps.

Step 1: After launching Talkdelta If you wish to import the database, go to Database menu -> select Import delta (old Version)

Step 2: Click on Browse and select the path where delta is kept to manually import the any existing delta and click on Transfer, once done a pop up will be shown for data transfer done.

click on Transfer data.

Once the data transfer is done, below pop up will appear. Click on OK button.

During the installation process, if you face any difficulty kindly call our support member for assistance on mention number +91 8447445815.

Thank You

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