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Option Trading Software in India - Best Platform for Option Trading and Strategies Analysis in India

options analysis software for option trading in India
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Basics of Option Trading for Option Traders in India

Options are the share market entities that are traded on the stock exchange. There are various financial segments in the share market, derivative is also one of these segments. Derivatives are essentially financial contracts that derive their value from an underlying entity or asset. The underlying asset can be any of the stocks, commodities, currencies, indices, exchange rates, or even interest rates. With derivatives, option trader make profits by predicting the future price movement of the underlying asset.

The Basic principle behind entering into derivative contracts is to earn profits by speculating on the value of the underlying asset in the future. Options trading is one of the types of derivatives. In this article, we are going to see how option trading in India happens. Also will discuss some option trading strategies. Once you get familiar we will further be going to tell you about option trading software India and various option trading platform India.

Option Trading Strategies for Option Trading in India

Here we have explained some strategies. These strategies are also used by option trader for option trading in India as well.

1. Covered Call

The covered call option strategy is very popular among long-term stock investors because it can reduce the loss potential on the shares. It can create a stream of income on those shares.

2. Married Put

A Married put which is one of the option trading strategies is also called a protective put. It is when you combine a long put option against at least a hundred shares of stock in an attempt to completely reduce or eliminate the risk of a long stock position below a certain price.

3. Bull Call Spread

The bull call spread option strategy is a strategy that profits when the stock price increases and it is one of the four vertical spread option strategies. 

4. Bear Put Spread

The bear put spread option strategy is a bearish strategy that profits when the Stock price decreases but has a limited loss potential when the stock price increases.


5. Protective Collar

The collar is the combination of a long stock position, a short call position, and a long Put position.

6. Long Straddle

The long straddle strategy profits when the stock price makes a significant movement in either direction or when implied volatility increases. Buying straddles or sometimes referred to as a long straddle is among the option trading strategies constructed by buying a call and put option at the same strike price and in the same expiration cycle.

7.Long Strangle

The long strangle is an options trading strategy that profits from a large movement in the stock price in either direction. If the stock price moves significantly to the upside or downside the long strangle will be a good strategy.

8. Butterfly Spread

Butterfly spread can be constructed with either all calls or all puts and depending on which option type you use.


9. Iron Condor

The iron Condor can be market neutral meaning that you do not have to pick a specific stock price movement in order.


10. Iron Butterfly

The long iron butterfly is also a popular strategy amongst various option trading strategies essentially a way to buy a straddle at a reduced cost but with that comes less profit potential as well.

So as far now you have got familiar with the teen option trading strategies. By using  these  option trading strategies in India you can achieve excellent hedging and maximize the profit of  your portfolio

Things to Know about Strategies for Option Trading in India

Options trading is a high-risk high reward segment. One can grab a good amount of profit from options trading. Though it gives high rewards and profits so it is risky as well. Without knowing and studying strategies for option trading in India don't enter this segment.

Option trading in India cannot be done on every stock exchange. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has allowed only certain stock exchanges that meet its criteria.


In India, only European options are allowed to trade. American options are banned in Indian stock exchanges. Strategies for option trading in India are key to safely trading in options.

The exact amount of profit depends on the stock price and the strike price of an option. Profit and loss can be calculated by taking the difference between these two prices.

In Indian stock exchanges, option trading is done through option trading platform India. These platforms comprise option trading software India and options analysis software which gives both trading and analysis facilities.

option trading platform and options analysis software in India

Commonly Used Strategies on Option Trading Platform India

Protective put, covered call, and collars are the most commonly used option trading strategies in India. The reason why these option trading strategies are regularly used in option trading software India is that these are easy to understand and execute in the futures and options market in India

Option trading platform India is offered free of cost by most Indian brokers. Option trading software India plays a very important role in online trading on such platforms in India. It is advisable to option trader that before opening an account with any broker they should analyze and verify the option trading platform India provided by that broker.

The trading platform is the front-end trading software which includes an installable trading terminal, web browser-based trading website, a mobile app for trading and trading APIs, etc. Some providers like Talkdelta provide the facility of options analysis software. Talkdelta software is an analysis tool used by option trader who usually focuses on the delta. This options analysis software analyses the portfolio and gives values of different option Greeks.

How to Choose the Best Option Trading Software India

Almost all the brokers registered to provide futures and option trading gives facility to trade options. There are various trading software providers in India. If you are looking for a good option trading software India then you can decide which software to choose based on the features provided by the software. You should read reviews about such software for its efficiency and speed. Because in options trading even a 1 second holds so much importance for option trader. Many times a single option trading platform is integrated with the option trading software India and option analysis software. Let us tell you some outstanding features of Talkdelta option analysis software. There are more than 100 features in this options analysis software which makes it a perfect hedging tool for option trader. Some brokers also have advanced tools like options strategy builder, options strategy calculator, options trading analysis tools, research tool, back office, advanced charting, etc. as part of the trading platform.

Features of Talkdelta Options Analysis Software for Option Trader

1. Portfolio Summary

2. Internet-based delta analysis

3. V WAP

4. VAR Analysis

5. Partial days reduction facility

6. Simulation

7. Sector-wise Position

8. Alerts

9. Reports

10. Synthetic futures

11. Analysis of single scrip with all portfolio summaries

This option trading software has more than 100 features which makes it the best option analysis software for option trading in India

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