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Build Index Options Trading Strategies India Using Talkdela Software | Know Index Options in India | Free Demo Available

index options trading strategies
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Are you looking to trade something that experiences less volatility in the market or is even less risky than options? You must then opt for Index option trading India and use Talkdelta to build best strategies for Index trading

What is Index Option Trading ?


Index options provide more liquidity to traders. In the Indian stock market, Index options trading strategies are as popular as stocks. When we deal with the stock option, it is stock options trading, and similarly, when we deal with the Index like Nifty, Sensex, Bank Nifty, etc., they are Index option trading India

Index Options in India

We have Index Options in India like Sensex, Bank Nifty, and Nifty, and all these are derivative instruments, which means they derive their value from fluctuations in the underlying asset. Traders use the Index option trading India for safeguarding their portfolio by using best hedging strategies. The execution of the Options contract can be done in two different ways: American and European styles. The American options can be executed anytime on or before expiry, whereas the European styles option contract can be exercised only on the expiry date.


Traders can find Index Options in India where a future contract already exists. The lot size, strike price, expiry price, etc. are determined for the index options, and they are ready for trading. The Index option buyer has to pay only the premium amount to enter into the contract, which will also define his maximum loss on that trade.


The Indian market only permits index option trading India on bank nifty and nifty. The duration of the trade is either weekly or monthly. The weekly expires every Thursday, while the monthly expires every last Thursday of the month.

Index Options Trading Strategies

The Index Options Trading Strategies might differ from those we use for stock options trading. Though the purpose of both are the same, hedging, speculating and protecting the capital. For index option trading India, traders may use many strategies, but buying a call option or a put option contract is the simplest. Traders buy the call option against the bet that the price will go up and purchase the put option against the bet that the price will go down. Traders may utilize other strategies like bull call spread and bear call spread. In a bull call spread index options trading strategies, traders buy a call option at a lower price and sell the same at a higher price. The bear put is opposite to the bull call spread.


One of the other famous index options trading strategies is selling covered calls. In these Strategies, traders buy the underlying contract of the Index and sell the call option contract to make money. These index options trading Strategies requires in-depth knowledge of position delta to determine the associated risk and make necessary changes.

index options in india - indicator for index option trading

Know the Best Indicator for Index Options Trading

To effectively implement Index Options Trading Strategies in the Indian stock market, you must be aware of the Best Indicator for Index Options Trading.

Let us see what the Best Indicators for Index Option Trading India are

  • Scholastic Oscillators

  • Moving average convergence divergence  

  • Bollinger bands

  • Relative strength Index

  • Fibonacci retracement

  • Standard deviation Average Directional

The above are some indicators that can help traders make better trading decisions for index option trading India

What Makes Index Options Trading Different from Stock Options in India ?

Three main factors make them look different; they are 1. The underlying asset, 2. Associated risk, and 3. volatility


1. Underlying asset : Traders must remember that all the stocks available in the Indian stock market are not available for options contracts. SEBI selects a few of them. This list gets updated at regular intervals. Some new stocks and indices might be added, and some would be removed from the list.

2. Associated Risk : An index is a diversified portfolio having a variety of shares in it. So, if there are any fluctuations in any one type of stock, it will least impact the overall portfolio in India

3. Volatility : Compared to individual stocks, Indices experience less market volatility, which is why most traders prefer indexes over stocks in India

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