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Know How to Analysis the Stock Market Using Technical Analysis Tool and Analysis of Stocks in Share Market

know how to analysis the stock market and learn technical analysis of stocks
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Stock analysis is very useful in finding potentially profitable stocks. Technical and fundamental analysis are the common ways to perform and learn technical analysis of stocks India. Fundamental analysis includes several components like examination of a company's price-to-earnings ratio, earnings per share, book value, return on equity, etc. Many investors take the help of financial analysts to analyze a stock. How to analysis the stock market is totally based on personal preference. Learn technical analysis in Indian stock market to find the method that best fits your financial objectives. Let's see how to analysis share market with various techniques.

How to Analysis the Stock Market ?

To finally decide which stock to buy, you need to understand the various steps involved in stock analysis. Top-down strategy and bottom-up strategy are the two main methods f of stock analysis which financial analysts follow. The top-down strategy to learn technical analysis of stocks India you need to understand these methods. Top-down strategy analysis basically starts with an industry and then locating a winning company, while bottom-up strategy analysis starts with a particular company and then learning about the outlook of the industry. There is not a specific answer for how to analysis the stock market. You can decide your own ways by keeping in mind that the entire process must flow smoothly.


 Steps to Learn Technical Analysis in Indian Stock Market

Following are some steps by following which you can learn technical analysis of stocks India.

1. Industry Analysis


Most of the industries have publicly available sources of information such as annual reports, information handouts, etc. By going through the annual report you can get a good overview of the industry, along with its future growth outlook. You get to know about the major and minor competitors in a particular industry through annual reports. To arrive at the final decision of investment analyze annual reports of two or three companies simultaneously. You can also consider subscribing to trade magazines and websites to monitor the latest industry happenings. To do Industry analysis you must learn how to analysis the stock market. 

2. Business Model Analysis


While answering how to analysis share market, let us tell you that you should study the strength and weaknesses of the industry. There may be a strong company that belongs to a weak industry or vice versa. Unique brand identity, products, customers, and suppliers are the things that reflect the strengths of the company. The company's business model can be studied through annual reports, trade magazines, websites, etc.

3. Financial Strength


Knowing the financial strength of a company is the most crucial step when you learn technical analysis of stocks India. You can get insights into the financial strength of any company through the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statements, etc. Often, numbers lying in the financial statements speak louder than the praising words of an annual report. To get comfortable with numbers you need must know and learn how to analysis the stock market and technical analysis in Indian stock market. 

4. Management Quality


One of the critical factors, when you want to know how to analysis the stock market, is management quality. There is a popular saying that there are no good or bad companies, only good or bad managers. Higher authorities are responsible for the future of the company. By doing some research on the Internet you can get to know about the management and board quality.

Some Points to Consider When You Learn How to Analysis the Stock Market ?

We have seen some major factors while getting answers to the question of how to analysis the stock market? Let's see some other factors that are as much important as the factors above when you learn technical analysis in Indian stock market.

1. Growth Analysis

There is no quick formula that will exactly tell you what to expect for future earnings. You can do growth analysis by analyzing past figures of sales growth and profit margins, along with profitability trends in that particular industry. Growth analysis gives an idea about what has happened in the past to what's expected to happen in the future.

2. Valuations

You should study what should be the worth of your company's stock? Finding out how much the current market price of the stock is justified in comparison to the company's value is very crucial when you decide to buy any stock.


Stock analysis is a very crucial step before any investment in India. The stock analysis in share market gives you a clear picture of your investments and returns. There are various factors to consider before investing in any company that is industry analysis, business model analysis, financial strength, management quality, etc. We advise any investor to learn how to analysis the stock market  or  learn technical analysis of stocks India before investing in any company.

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