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free option strategy margin and payoff calculator online India
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Free Option Strategy Calculator | Option Strategy Margin and Payoff Calculator Online India

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An option strategy calculator helps in finding out different values of an option using arithmetic calculation algorithms. The traders can predict, analyze and obtain the option-related values using option strategy margin calculator India with some free functions.

What is an Option Strategy Calculator India ?


While selecting the best Option Strategy Calculator India, you need to know if that calculator includes the option strategy that you are trying to use. There are a number of strategies provided by the Option Strategy Calculator and offer unique and quicker ways to find out profit or loss or total returns on the stock options.


You can select the basic strategies, advanced strategies, spread strategies and customize the strategies according to your needs.


Basic Strategies

  • Covered Call

  • Long Call

  • Long Put

  • Naked Put

  • Naked Call

  • Cash Secured Put


Advanced Strategies

  • Straddle

  • Collar

  • Butterfly

  • Strangle

  • Iron Condor

  • Covered Strangle

  • Diagonal Spread

  • Reverse Conversion

  • Double Diagonal


Spread Strategies

  • Call Spread

  • Put Spread

  • Calendar Spread

  • Credit Spread

  • Ratio Back Spread

  • Poor Man's Covered Call


By using any of the above strategies from Option Strategy Calculator you can fulfill your goal of profit maximization and loss minimization. But you must have a clear Idea about which strategy would benefit you according to the market situation of India. Therefore, you must always choose the strategy you are clear about.


You can also use some custom options such as 2 legs, 3 legs up to 8 legs. These will help you calculate the strategy according to your requirements. All you need to do is add the amount and select the options to get to the result using the best Option Strategy Calculator India. There are some other free functions that you use to calculate margins and predict the future trend for profit and loss.

Option Strategy Payoff Calculator 

Excel sheet has been the best Free Option Strategy Payoff Calculator online. You needed to add the details in the excel sheet. And then begin to calculate the maximum profit or potential risk when doing trade. With the automated calculation you could find all the details in Option Strategy Calculator.


Now you can do all those calculations using an online Option Strategy Payoff Calculator. Calculating and predicting the future profit or loss is always a difficult task. But not only can you calculate larger amounts but also find the accurate results using the online Option Strategy Payoff Calculator. It could save you some time and you can calculate multiple options within seconds. Some of the functions are free to use if you select the best Option Strategy Calculator in India.

free option strategy calculator India

What is the Use of Option Strategy Margin Calculator ?

In India, most of the investors in options need to find out the amount of margin money required to construct your portfolio. Option Strategy Calculator makes it easier for every trader to break down the different types of margin required for calculation.


With the simple calculation after selecting the product or segment, stock exchange, net quantity, buy or sell, symbol and other relevant options, you can easily calculate the margin required for options trading strategy. With the Option Strategy Margin Calculator online you can write or short for mult-lge , consider commodity or currency before starting the trade and much more.


Within a single click, you can save a lot of your time needed to calculate Margin for your strategy. You can calculate the Exposure Margin, VAR Margin, Upfront Margin, Extreme Loss, Net Premium Margin and ELM Margin with the help of Option Strategy Calculator. You can also choose the legs according to your requirements for free.


You can easily avoid penalties arising from insufficient funds after using the Option Strategy Margin Calculator online and benefit in the options trade.

Ideal Option Strategy Calculator India for Investors

The calculator you use for option trading will help you accurately determine the amount for your investments using Option Strategy Calculator India. But while using the calculator you must know about the ideal strategy you want to use. If you are trying to use the Options Strategy Calculator India without having an idea about the strategy, then it could lead to you an undesirable loss.

The calculator only gives you an idea about the results and authentic figures, but you have to decide which strategy will give you the best returns using free Option Strategy Calculator India.


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