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Portfolio Management Software India |  Best Investment Management Software for Indian Stock Market | Free Download 

portfolio management software for indian stock market free download
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delta hedging software free download

Keep track and maintain all your diversified instruments with the best Portfolio Management Software India and increase your chances of making a profit. Free download today and Book Demo

Portfolio Management Software for Indian Stock Market


Financial service providers have various functional departments, such as asset managers, portfolio managers, wealth managers, financial advisors, support teams, etc. They all have one demand: real-time market data to assist investors in their investment decisions. This demand can be fulfilled with a technologically competent solution.


Companies often have to serve a wide range of traders and investors with their varied needs and trading requirements or goals. In such times, if they have the best portfolio management software India or Portfolio Tracking Software, their success rate will be high as every detail will be aligned and organized in an orderly manner. You can download some free version of the software from the website of the company in India


Keeping track of the multiple financial instruments, along with all the market updates, can be quite challenging. Portfolio Management Software India provides a detailed view of all the assets in the trader's portfolio. It helps them make the optimum utilization of the data available for profit in Indian stock market 

The Importance of Investment Management Software India

Let us see how important Portfolio Management Software for Indian Stock Market is and how it can help manage the overall wealth diversified in the different instruments. In free version you will get some basic features of the software while in paid version you will get all best features


  • Helps manage different assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, equity, and derivatives.

  • Helps manage portfolios at individual, family, client, and portfolio levels.

  • Compare the portfolio with the model or ideal portfolios in stock market

  • Get a 360-degree view of the entire portfolio in one place.

  • Portfolio Tracking Software India helps track the various assets' performances at different times with their benchmarks.

  • The best Portfolio Management Software India helps track activities from beginning to end. Like as order execution, reconciliation, settlements, corporate actions, and automated reporting to the clients.

There are some free versions, and some paid versions. You might not get all the features in the free version, but a paid one or the one with the subscription might avail you of all the features. Let us see some of the best features traders get from Portfolio management software for Indian stock market

best portfolio management software india for investment free download

Features of Portfolio Management Software India or Investment Management Software India

1. Investment Records Management : All your transaction history will be recorded for an unlimited time. You can maintain the data of stocks, mutual funds, Options, Currencies, and many more types of instruments. It also helps in keeping track of purchases made, redemptions, transfers, and distributions. Support for both long-term and short-term positions. Direct retrieval of the transactions from brokers or any agency in various formats.

2. Auto retrieval of price : Retrieves the daily and historical prices from the internet.

3. Graphical representation : The graph options offer you to view your investments and returns in an easy-to-understand graphical form. It will help traders to make various comparisons. Select the graph type you are comfortable reading and analyzing from the many options available. Also, get screenshots and tutorials on how to interpret various graphs.

4. Report section : This is a basic need for investors to get custom resorts. Choose how you want the report and what data you need in your reports, and get them handy.

5. Different alerts : Best Portfolio Management Software for Indian Stock Market provides different types of alerts to the traders, such as fixed price alerts, trailing stop loss, moving average alerts, and many more; select which alert you would like to get notified and how will you like notifications, on message, via mail, or sound alerts, etc.

6. Multi-currency support : You can expect multiple currencies support in Investment Management Software India, as a trader might have some part of their investment in foreign currencies.

7. Remote access : Generally, all Portfolio Management Software for Indian Stock Market gives you accessibility by logging into your account via any web browser or mobile browser with a secured username and password. If you buy a subscription or a paid version of the best Portfolio Tracking Software in India, you might get more enhanced features that suit your trading requirements. Those mentioned above are the basic features available in any free Investment Management Software India. Before selecting the software, ensure they have tutorials on how to use it and customer support if needed.

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