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Best Online Trading Platform in India Options Trading or Stock Trading Platform for Indian Stocks

Algo Options Trading Platform in India
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The trading platform in India is nothing but the exe-based software used for trading over the internet through which traders can open, close, and manage their market positions through a financial intermediary

What is a Stock Trading Platform ?


All the activities in the stock market used to carry out physically until about the 1990s. Before the invention of online share trading or stock trading platform, traders used to go to the Stock Broker’s office or the Stock Exchange for share trading. With the invention of the Algo trading platform and options trading platform in India, traders now can see the current day’s value of each stock, figure out which stock they would want to invest in, and then place the order with the Broker to buy or sell the shares they desire through the online share trading platform itself. The best platform for trading in India is the computer program or say a software tool used to manage and execute market positions. 


Online Stock trading platforms have a user interface that ranges from basic order entry screens for beginners to complex and sophisticated toolkits.  the share trading platform provides live streaming quotes and charts for advanced traders. While choosing the best platform for trading in India Traders and investors should consider multiple points and balance trade-offs when selecting the best trading platform in India.

Basics of Options Trading Platform in India Used for Indian Stocks ?

 In Indian Stocks, Options trading is more complicated than buying and selling futures, as futures are linear products and options are non-linear products. Options traders use the options trading platform in India to place trades. Prop share trading platforms and commercial stock trading platforms are the two types of options trading platforms in India. The commercial stock trading platform is focused on day traders and retail investors. These platforms are distinguished based on ease of use and features, such as news feeds and charts, for investor education and research for Indian Stocks as well as universal stocks. While prop share trading platform is the customized platform developed by large brokerage firms as their specific requirements and trading style. As options trading is a bit complicated and involves more risk traders try to go for the best trading platform in India depending on their trading style and volume.

How to Choose the Best Platform for Trading in India  ?

Choosing the best trading platform in India is very crucial for any investor or trader as time and speed are very important in online stock trading.  While selecting an options trading platform in India investors should consider both the fees involved and features available.  The selection of the best trading platform in India is based on the type of trader i.e., whether you are a short-term trader or long-term investor, or an options trader.  If you are a short-term trader then you may require features like Level 2 quotes and market maker depth charts to help you in decision-making. If you are an options trader then you may require such an options trading platform in India that are specifically designed to visualize options strategies.

Share trading platform in India - Algo options trading

Features of the Best Platform for Trading in India

  • Real-time Market Updates and Quotes

This is the most important feature that almost every best share trading platform in India has. This feature gives real-time live market updates and quotes.

  • Order Execution Tools

This feature is the basic tool that every stock trading platform has that enables its users to place and execute their orders. For the algo trading platform, this is the main feature as in algo trading trades are executed automatically based on a predefined strategy.

  • Analytical Tools

Whether you trade on an algo trading platform or the best platform for trading in India, the analysis of the stock especially for Indian stocks is an essential step. The analytical tool helps traders analyze their trades and portfolio with ease based on current and historical data

  • Visual Representation of Data

Traders can view the analysis of stocks, current market processed in the visual format to quickly get insight into what's going on in the market and how their portfolio is performing.

Advanced Features of Online Share Trading Platform

  • Data confidentiality

  • Advanced Ordering tools

  • Filtered News Feeds

  • Advanced Research Tools

What is Delta Trading ?

In the share market context, the Greek letter delta represents the rate of change in an option's theoretical value for a 1 rupee change in the price of the underlying security. Delta helps traders get an understanding of directional risk exposure. Options traders prefer the values of delta to decide their buying and selling strategies. Therefore, this trading is also called delta trading. Bullish strategies have a positive delta and bearish strategies have a negative delta. Delta trading is specially done by options traders in India. As options trading involve great risk delta hedging strategies are the best to hedge the options trades.  Hedging protects against losses but does not lead to any profits unless and until combined with the proper strategy.  In delta trading, traders use various hedging strategies based on the value of the delta.

Understanding Algo Trading Platform in India ?

Algorithmic trading is an advanced method of stock trading that is carried out on an algo trading platform.  In this software finite set of instructions are given to the software based on the set algorithm. The algorithm changes based on the buy, sell, executives signals provided by the trader who using the algo trading platform in India. Algorithmic trading is an efficient way of trading as it is not affected by human errors and also improves speed and accuracy. When a trader selects his/her preferences to provide inputs then algo trading platform in India starts building strategies on its own based on the predefined instructions and algorithms.

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