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Best Future Trading Strategies India | Build Future Trading Strategy with Talkdelta Prime ! Get Free Demo ! 

stock futures trading strategies
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By applying the Best Future Trading Strategies India, traders may get the opportunity to earn a handsome profit even in the volatile market. You need to predict the right time to execute the trade

Future Trading Strategy to Make Profit

Investors tend to opt for best Future Trading Strategies India in order to hedge their investment and buy the shares or commodities at a predetermined price. While dealing in futures, the sellers are obliged to sell, and buyers are obliged to buy the underlying asset. The date by which the agreement must be executed is called the delivery date. And the price at which it is traded is called the futures price.


Majorly two types of investors are involved in Stock Future Trading Strategies India; Hedgers and speculators. Speculators are risk takers, while hedgers avoid the risk against the price movements.


You have a choice here of either trading on your own or hiring an expert to work on your behalf. By learning and implementing best Future Trading strategies India, you can make money and also avoid the risk attached to your portfolio.


Before you enter into the futures trade, you must make a strong plan, and carefully analyze various market situations, also please look at the below points:


  • What is your main purpose for entering into the futures trade?

  • What is your risk-bearing capacity?

  • At what point will you exit the trade and liquidate your position?

  • What type of strategies will you use?

  • How to monitor market movements and decide the next move?


If you know the Best Future Trading Strategy India to apply, there are many opportunities to make a profit with price fluctuations.

future trading strategy

We shall see some of the best and highly used commodity and Stock Future Trading Strategies India in the financial market

The Pullback Strategy :


The pullback is the Best Future Trading Strategy India based on price fluctuations. It happens in the trending market when the price exceeds above the resistance level or below the support level, reverses, and returns.


When the price breaks the resistance level and returns, it is assumed it will follow the uptrend, and traders may enter into a long position in the uptrend direction.


When the price breaks below the support level and reverses and comes within the support level, it means you may enter into the short position in the downward trends.


Going Long Strategy - Best Among Stock Futures Trading Strategies


Suppose you have made strong predictions about any underlying commodity to rise over a specific period, and its timing is good based on your prediction. In that case, you can sell the futures contract at a higher price and make a handsome profit.


This Future Trading strategies India can be used not only for commodities but also for stock futures trading. Alternatively, if anything turns out different from your prediction, you may suffer a loss that might be higher than what you have deposited initially.


Breakout Trading Strategy :


Breakout trading strategy is the Best Future Trading Strategy India, especially for day traders. The price trend breakout from a certain range is called a breakout trading strategy. In the breakout scenario, the volume increases as many pending orders start to execute to avoid loss. Taking advantage of high volatility and entering into the trade in the breakout direction can be beneficial. Usually, traders should go short when the price falls below the support level and should go long if the price goes above the resistance level.


Spread Trading Strategy :


In this Future Trading Strategy, traders purchase one futures contract and sell one futures contract at some other delivery date. The objective behind doing so is to profit from the uncertain price changes. It helps lower your risk while trading, as dealing in two futures contracts may not be affected by market Volatility.


Whatever Future Trading Strategies India you may choose, stick to them and follow the same strategy for that trade. Pick the right strategy that is the best match to your goal and also suits your trading style. If you want to know more about the different Future Trading Strategy, book a demo on Talkdelta or give us a call.

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