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Option backtesting software | Build Backtesting Option Strategies for Backtesting Option Trading in India 

options strategy backtesting India - get free demo
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Backtesting option strategies India is crucial in deciding the buy/sell of the options contracts. Options traders must perform backtesting to ensure the effectiveness of the trade

What is Options Backtesting Strategy for Trading in India ?


Backtesting option trading strategies in India is the most crucial thing to do before entering into the trade. The theory behind conducting the backtesting option strategies India is if the strategy has performed well in the past, it is likely to perform well in the future. If the strategy has performed poorly in the past, it is also expected to perform poorly in the future. The results obtained by performing the backtesting option trading strategies help the traders to gauge the effectiveness and profitability of the strategy. 

What Results can You Get by Backtesting Option Strategies India ?

You can get various statistical data using the options backtesting strategy in India. It can be obtained manually and with the help of free option backtesting software too. Every free or paid software has its own features, but generally, every manual calculation or software provides the following detail :

  • Net profit or loss on the strategy

  • The rate of volatility

  • Various average bars

  • The risk exposure

  • Annual return

  • Risk-adjusted returns


There are some rules to be followed when you apply backtesting option strategies India; they are as follows:

options strategy backtesting India

Rules for Backtesting the Options Trading Strategy

1. While doing options strategy backtesting in India, always consider the broad market trends in a time frame to see the performance of the strategy under various market conditions.

2. Consider the same underlying asset. For example, if you want to invest in a specific genre of stock, make the selection of the same stock in the backtesting process.

3. In developing the trading strategy, volatility plays a significant role. Based on high/low volatility, traders may choose various backtesting option strategies India

4. Traders must check the average bars on the chart. They may try to increase the number of bars to get accurate results. It may have included the cost of commission.

5. Exposure value works as a double-edged sword. When the rate of exposure is high, it represents high profit and loss; similarly, when the rate of exposure is low, it represents low profit and low losses. An exposure level below 70 is considered ideal.

6. Traders must use the "Kelly criterion" to manage the money more efficiently; this is done by combining the gain/loss data with the win-to-loss ratio.

7. Annual returns will give you a brief idea about the asset compared to other investments. Traders must also check any increase or decrease in the returns before finalizing.

8. Customization: In free software, some data are set to default which a trader must change as per his need. For example, commission amount, lot size, the requirement of margin, stop-loss settings, interest rates, and many others need to change to get an accurate outcome from backtesting option strategies India.

9. The major disadvantage a trader can have by backtesting option trading strategies is over-optimization or under-optimization. In this condition, the results are tuned high or low; thus, they do not reveal accurate results for the future.

10. Backtesting may not be the most effective way to gauge the profitability and effectiveness of the strategy. The strategy might have performed well in the past but might not fit well in the future due to various uncontrollable reasons.


Though it is not the most accurate way, it still helps traders develop their backtesting option strategies India. If traders can interpret the data correctly, they can remove any theoretical or technical flaws in the strategy and gain confidence before applying it to the real world.

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